WEEGS: It’s Time To Bridge That Gap Between Women And Technology, Science, Health And Sports

Technology is one many sectors that has been more accepting of men than their counterparts. With digital innovations taking the lead in economy, education and society globally, this reality needs to change and become more inclusive. The Women’s Economic Empowerment Global Summit (WEEGS 2017) brought together leaders and role models in the field of technology from around the world who shared diverse experiences that people have with and without technology in their communities.

At a panel titled ‘Women in Technology’, they advocated the need to not only create more opportunities for women in the field by fulfilling the most important precondition necessary to empower them, which is to give them access to the internet and digital platforms of learning, but also try and close the gender gap by showing the next generation just how diverse, creative and exciting the technology sector can be.

Recent research from PwC revealed that only 3 percent of female students would consider a career in technology as their first choice. The most common explanation is that many felt they didn’t have enough information about what a career in tech could involve. This is the reality of more developed societies that have the requisite infrastructure in place. What about the underdeveloped and developing nations where people, especially women, still don’t have the purchase capacity of a basic internet package? Adjusting the learning and technology uptake requirements of different societies based on their development realities and challenges was a main focus of the panel.