Explore The Unconventional Side Of Photography At Xposure 2017

If you thought photography is only about nature, fashion and cameras, Sharjah’s International Photography Festival, Xposure 2017, can make you think again. Going beyond traditional definitions, the International Festival of Photography, being held at Expo Centre Sharjah, is addressing new and unconventional sides of this art for aspiring and professional photographers. Featuring 25 seminars, lectures and live-stage events, Xposure celebrates the incredible power and influence of images in transcending linguistic barriers and geographical boundaries.

From Travel to Food and from Underwater to Street, various lesser known forms and techniques of photography are being highlighted at the event through an array of workshops and activities, being conducted by acclaimed photographers from across the world. The amateur and skilled photographers gained deeper insights into refining their creative skills at the Festival with live sessions, panel discussions, outdoor visits and more.