Daily Archives: February 13, 2018

New Outdoor ‘Family Entertainment Venue’ Features In Latest Line-Up At Al Majaz Waterfront

Sharjah’s Al Majaz Waterfront, one of the most popular family venues in the UAE, has added even more attractions to its line-up, bringing in a vast range of games, arcades, rides and other activities, plus the ‘Oasis of Coloured Balls’ at its brand new outdoor Family Entertainment Venue.

As Al Majaz Waterfront takes full advantage of the weather as it settles down to ideal temperatures to suit all ages from toddlers to adults, the new features include such attractions as the train, the whopper water trailer, basketball, ring toss, kick the bucket, fishing frog and can smash.

The second addition, Oasis of Colored Balls provides the perfect outdoor chance for up to 50 children at a time to glide down one of four slides into the huge area of 150,000 of coloured balls.