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Lifestyle Expert Tells Audience How to Seize the Day At Sharjah International Book Fair 2017

Author Jasmine Brett Stringer says she is “a lot of things: lifestyle expert, social media maven, nationally sought-after blogger and, most of all, a person who lives life to the fullest by seizing each and every day.”

An audience at Sharjah International Book Fair heard from the writer about the journey she made to reach the dizzy heights which she treasures so dearly.

“I used to work in sales in corporate America and I wanted to be in win-win situations with customers. I wasn’t a sleazy sales person, I wanted both of us to gain something, they wanted to buy something and I wanted to sell it.” But having been laid off from her work, Jasmine had a revelation that put her on a new path.



Preeti Shenoy: My second book was rejected 38 times but I never gave up

Preeti Shenoy and Maha Khan Phillips, acclaimed authors from India and Pakistan respectively, shared the stage for a jam-packed student session at Sharjah International Book Fair (SIBF). The interactive question and answer session they hosted, and which was attended by hundreds of children from across schools in the UAE, gave an insight into the authors’ lives and shared tips to help those considering taking up writing.

Starting the conversation, Maha Khan Phillips, who is a financial journalist as well as a bestselling author, said; “I started writing when I was nine years old. I have always been very passionate about writing and enjoy being imaginative.”


Fatima Sharafeddine Keeps Children Captivated At SIBF

Like a mother gathering her children to read bedtime stories, Lebanese writer Fatima Sharafeddine sparked the imaginations of captivated youngsters as she read aloud at the Kalimat Group’s pavilion during Sharjah International Book Fair.

With tales about parts of the body, Fatima read from her picture books, ‘My legs’, ‘My Eyes’ ‘My Ears’ and ‘My Hands’, designed for children up to three years of age. With bright and colourful illustrations, she explained how our body works in simple terms, stimulating them to ask and explore.

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