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Monte Carlo Circus Arrives In Al Qasba For The First Time

UAE fans of the big top are set for an exciting three months of action with the arrival of the Monte Carlo Circus in Al Qasba, Sharjah for the first time ever. Running from December 28, 2016 until March 18, 2017, the popular show will be featuring a host of acrobatic performances and thrilling entertainment acts for all family members to enjoy.

“The Monte Carlo Circus is one of the worlds’ most popular and entertaining travelling fairs and we are proud to welcome its performers to Sharjah for the very first time. The circus is taking up a three-month residency at Al Qasba as befits its status as one of the UAE’s leading leisure destinations and a prime focus for family-themed fun. We can promise a packed schedule of Big Top activities at Al Qasba that will run through until the mid of March next year. With so many performers that make up the Monte Carlo Circus, this will be the most entertaining and exciting of shows this season,” said Sultan Mohammed Shattaf, Manager of Al Qasba.

Taking place in collaboration with “Eventoh” Exhibition Management, the Monte Carlo Circus’s appearance at Al Qasba will feature internationally acclaimed artists with exceptional skills and agility who undertake sensational and awe-inspiring performances. Visitors keen to see a repertoire of death-defying acts will be captivated by the circus’s high-wire walkers, trapeze daredevils, motorcycle stunts and many other exciting shows, while those who enjoy humor will be entertained by its comedy acts and laugh at the slapstick antics of its clowns. Other enthralling performances include, jugglers, a magic show and Stunt shows, with every one designed to be fun for all generations.

The Monte Carlo Circus has pitched its Big Top in front of Al Qasba’s Block F; with two performances taking place every day at 6:30 p.m. and 9:30 p.m. Tickets for the circus are available at the circus site and at Al Qasba Information Desks in four categories: Diamond tickets are priced at AED 200, Gold tickets at AED 150, Silver tickets at AED 100 and Bronze tickets at AED 75. There will also be a special rate for dedicated school shows in the morning.

Al Qasba, one of the UAE’s, premier leisure, tourism and family destinations, is operated by the Sharjah Investment and Development Authority (Shurooq). It offers state-of-the-art facilities including restaurants, cafés, the Masrah Al Qasba Theatre with a 250-spectator capacity, the Multaqa Al Qasba Conference and Meeting Halls, the Eye of the Emirates wheel, the Kids Fun House, the Al Qasba Musical Fountain and Maraya Art Centre, among others.

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Founder Of Gypsy Kings, Hiba Tawaji And Oussama Rahbani At SWMF 2017

The nine-day Sharjah World Music Festival (SWMF) 2017 recently unveiled their line-up of 24 award-winning international artists and bands from France, Spain, Holland, Ukraine, the United States, the UAE, Lebanon, Turkey, Iraq, Syria, Cuba, Columbia, Egypt and Jordan. In this fourth edition, we have seen the addition of some fascinating new genres and quality artists, which promises a festival more entertaining than ever.

Speaking of new and unconventional genres – SWMF 2017 is bringing the famed eight-member French band, Chico and the Gypsies, to Flag Island on Thursday, 12 January at 9pm. Led by French-born Moroccan artist, Jalloul Bouchikhi or more popularly ‘Chico’, the band will perform Andalusian Flamenco, blending pop and rock in a characteristic gypsy style.

Bouchikhi founded ‘The Gypsy Kings’ in late 70s, and then went on to establish his own group Chico and the Gypsies in 1992.

Moving on to Friday, 13 January, Flag Island at 9pm will showcase a special night featuring international singer Hiba Tawaji, popular Lebanese singer and actress along with Oussama Rahbani, one of the most renowned producers and composers in the Arab world, with whom Hiba has been collaborating with since 2011.

Tawaji’s voice reminiscent of the fruits of longing, shone at the Rahbani theatre with Mansour Rahbani’s musical, The Return of Phoenix where she dazzled the audience with ‘Like the Wind’. She released two albums and participated in ‘The Voice – France’. Hiba has been recently cast in the famous French musical, Notre-Dame de Paris.

Rahbani is a member of Al Rahbani family who brought Lebanon’s Baalbek and Beirut’s Piccadilly Palace music to Sharjah, blending together occidental and oriental music. His compositions have been played by many acclaimed orchestras across the world. Oussama has produced, orchestrated and composed the music of several musical plays, and introduced the world to several musical talents like Hiba.

Tickets for both concerts are priced at AED 250 and AED 350 each for the general admission and VIP categories respectively, and can be purchased at the customer service counters of Al Qasba, Flag Island, Al Majaz Amphitheatre and Al Majaz Waterfront. Tickets are also available online at

The fourth edition of Sharjah World Music Festival will run from the 6–14 January 2017 in celebration of the best Arabic and Western musicians and bands from 14 countries. Every year, the SWMF hosts a collection of renowned singers, musicians and artists. Although the concerts’ titles and languages may differ, they all converge at one place, Sharjah, and fulfil their overarching purpose of entertaining and enlightening visitors from several countries and walks of life.

By organising this first of its kind festival, Furat Qaddouri Music Centre seeks to boost the cultural and art presence of Sharjah and the UAE, introduce various musical cultures around the world to the UAE community and add a new dimension to the emirate’s repertoire of tourist, art and culture attractions.

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Sharjah Chamber Set To Launch Sharjah Spring Promotions 2017

Sharjah Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SCCI) has finalized its preparations to launch the new edition of the highly-anticipated Sharjah Spring Promotions. organized from 15 January – 11 February 2017. The promotions will be held in cooperation with an array of government entities and authorities and supported by shopping malls, supermarkets and specialized shops in Sharjah.

The promotional offers aim to drive economic activity, especially the retail sector. It also helps boosting the number of visitors to the shopping malls and retail outlets across the Emirates.

“The committees supervising the Sharjah Spring Promotions’ events have finished its preliminary activities,” said Ibrahim Rashid Al Jarwan, SCCI’s Director of Economic Relations and General Coordinator of Sharjah Spring Promotions.

“The media committee has successfully completed its promotional activities for the event by setting up outdoor advertisements, and targeted marketing campaigns on all social media platforms, to reach out to the largest number of people. For its part, the subscription committee continues registering participating brands and shops, offering decor and advertisement items through multiple outlets set up to facilitate the registration process.” He added.

He also noted: “Sharjah Spring Promotions will offer discounts up to 70%, as well as entertainment, heritage, family and children events hosted by the emirate’s shopping malls, parks and outdoor venues. The promotions coincide with the touristic high season, especially as visitors from neighboring countries spend their winter vacation in the UAE.”

Sharjah’s major shopping centers and retail outlets will participate in the promotions, offering the world’s top brands at competitive prices, as well as big discounts and surprises on a wide range of products to satisfy the shopping and entertainment needs for residents and visitors of all ages and interests.





Al Majaz Winter Festival Has Bigger Tricks Up Its Sleeves This Weekend!

With its frosty decorations, snowfall, ice rink and other winter-themed attractions, Al Majaz Waterfront’s first ever Winter Festival, has been delighting visitors since 15 December, and has recently announced a weekend packed with entertainment shows and lots of fun from 22 to 23 December.

Visitors will be treated to an array of entertainment performances and interactive acts performed by touring bands and street performers who will be traversing the walkways and generating even more fun in a true lively winter ambiance. On Thursday, 22 December, a mime duo will enthral audiences with an act of silent comedy along Al Majaz Waterfront’s walkways, and with incredible skating routines on the ice rink.

The same evening, the festival will feature an incredible magic show by a cyclist who will mesmerise the audience with his fantastic acts along the venue’s walkways. This 30-miunte magic show will showcase thrice at 6pm, 8pm and 10 pm respectively.

Friday will arrive with a long list of thrills. Visitors will be greeted by the popular Panda Band comprising 14 adorable panda-costume wearing performers. They will be seen traversing the walkways to bring pleasure and joy to the hearts of guests of all ages. This 30-minute show will showcase thrice at 5pm, 7pm and 9pm respectively.

Children are in for a treat with the interactive and highly entertaining ‘Fantastic Tree’ show, which will be featured at 6pm, 7pm and 8pm respectively.

The three-week Winter Festival continues to enthrall visitors and allow them to enjoy the sensational ambiance of the chilly weather, with specially installed features, including an outdoor ice rink, frosty decorations, snow-tube slides, a cool inflatable maze, snowfall and a fun parade among other activities designed specifically for children to enjoy an unforgettable experience with their families and friends.

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It commenced on 15 December and will run until January 2017.

’Indian Sitar Meets Jazz’ Evening At The Sharjah World Music Festival 2017

Jazz and Indian classical music—two of the great musical idioms of the world—have a longstanding history of graceful collaboration. The beauty and unique melodic phrasing of Indian music have given percussionists, instrumentalists, and even vocalists new resources upon which they have drawn since Ravi Shankar singlehandedly popularised Indian music in the West.

The fourth edition of the Sharjah World Music Festival (SWMF), organised by Furat Qaddouri Music Centre and sponsored by Sharjah Investment and Development Authority (Shurooq), will dedicate an evening to a mesmerising dialogue between sitar and Jazz. At 9:00pm on Monday, 9 January, Masrah Al Qasba Theatre in Sharjah will be taken over by the Dutch Jazz trio – Mike del Ferro, Jeroen Vierdag and Bruno Castelluci – who will intertwine Jazz and Indian classical in highly expressive melodies and extended improvisations. Jazz vocalist, Deborah J. Carter, will join in to perform her most popular songs.

Niladri Kumar, renowned Indian classical and fusion musician, who has toured the world alongside stalwarts like Zakir Hussain and John Mclaughlin will also be performing at the show. Kumar has to his credit the creation of the ‘zitar’, a fusion instrument combining the sitar and guitar.

Mike del Ferro is a renowned Dutch pianist and composer who is famous for combining elements of Western music with Jazz.

Deborah J. Carter has featured in numerous international Jazz festivals, and is currently a professor of Jazz music at the Music Conservatory in Spain.

By organising this first of its kind music festival, Furat Qaddouri Music Centre seeks to boost the global cultural and art presence of Sharjah and the UAE. It also seeks to  introduce various musical cultures around the world to the UAE community, and add a new dimension to the emirate’s repertoire of touristic, artistic and cultural attractions.

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