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Kalimat Celebrates Hag Al Leila With Emirati Heritage-Inspired Book Reading Sessions

Kalimat, the Sharjah-based publishing house dedicated solely to publishing high quality Arabic children’s books, in collaboration with the UAE Board on Books for Young People (UAEBBY), recently celebrated “Hag Al Leila” with students of the Australian International School in Sharjah.

The three-hour programme included a number of cultural activities for the night of Mid-Sha’ban, in addition to reading sessions aimed at promoting a love of reading, and arts and crafts, which allowed children to demonstrate their skills in making bags and other Hag Al Leila gifts.

Speaking on the occasion, Tamer Said, Managing Director of Kalimat Group, said, “Many children in the UAE celebrate Hag Al Leila, a cultural day and opportunity to encourage children to read Emirati heritage-inspired stories and ancestral folk tales. We were pleased with the positive response from students of different nationalities to the exciting reading sessions.”


The students enjoyed reading sessions of two of Kalimat’s books; the first was Mithana’s Chicken (Dajajat Mithana), which is based on Emirati culture and addresses the topic of loneliness. Written by Abdulaziz Al Musallam, the book tells a story of a lonely old woman who suffers from isolation and prays to have a mate. Finally, she raises a chicken and cares for her like a daughter. The book teaches students the values of treating people with kindness and compassion.

The second book, Abdulaziz Al Musallam’s ‘Ghaya and the Snake’ (Ghaya Wal Haneesh), tells a classic tale of the lovely Ghaya who fares badly at the hand of her stepmother but finds an unlikely saviour in a snake she encounters and takes pity on. The snake turns into a handsome young man who had been cursed by a wicked wizard. Ghaya and the man get married, and live happily ever after.

Kalimat Group is comprised of Kalimat, the first publishing house in the UAE dedicated solely to publishing and distributing high quality Arabic children’s books. Having released over 160 publications since its establishment in 2007, Kalimat focuses on producing books that children of the UAE and the region can relate to, with vibrant illustrations and stories that talk about the value of family, friendship, simplicity and happiness.

Horouf, another imprint of Kalimat Group, was established in 2013, and is dedicated to publishing printed books and smart applications that offer a modern integrated education system in the Arabic language that is first of its kind in the Arab World. Horouf’s solutions aim to pioneer a fresh, fun, and modern approach to Arabic education that helps build and develop the mental capacity of students.

Adventureland Hosts First AUS Driving Championship At Its Speed Kart Arena

Budding young race car enthusiasts had the chance to put their racing skills to the test earlier this month at a special track competition held at Adventureland. The popular indoor amusement and rides park, which is a key anchor at Sharjah’s Sahara Centre, hosted a two-day go kart competition at its Speed Kart Arena, with 60 American University Of Sharjah (AUS) students vying to be first past the chequered flag and earn the title of ‘Fastest Driver.’

Go Kart Winners 11

Organised in conjunction with the AUS Student Council, Adventureland’s unique competition brought together AUS student members to take advantage of the centre’s premium go-karting set-up, which is the first and only two-level indoor go-kart facility in the region. The contest saw the three fastest drivers from the first day go up against the three from the second day to find an overall winner, with the final top driver receiving a certificate in honour of their racing prowess.

As expected with the region’s huge love of cars and everything automotive, the track tournament was a huge success, with the races keenly contested by the enthusiastic participants. The event is set to be the first of numerous go-karting events and competitions that will take place at Speed Karts, with other schools and universities expected to establish their own racing contests for eager young drivers. Speed Kart Arena is one of the main attractions at Adventureland, which is also home to 17 other major thrills and rides.